Official Contracting

Numerous world renowned organization companies and exhibitions centers have trusted us with their shows. Our 30 years of experience in designing and building Shell Schemes, traditional stands, upgraded stands and organizer’s special features, makes us the ideal candidate to handle all of your official contracting needs.

For the organizer of an exhibition or an event:

  • The study of the exhibition hall

  • The formation of the general layout of the exhibition hall (mark-up of stands, corridors, common areas, reception halls)

  • The design and construction of several features – entrance hall, registration areas, VIP areas, Seminar Theatre, filling desks, magazine racks

  • Basic layout-construction of exhibition stands

  • Participants’ equipment

  • Upgraded exhibitions stands

  • Upgraded Pavilions

  • Supply and placement of the carpet

  • Electrical power installations

The first company that uses the European standard of safety ISO 9000. ICS 29, in the UAE, Jeddah and Kuwait in all the electrical installations

For the exhibitors:

  • The study of a specific exhibition space

  •  Original and functional exhibition stand design

  •  Digital 3D mock-up

  • A great variety of existing designs serving to minimize costs

  • Fineness of construction using the most suitable materials

  • Outdoor exhibitions’ tents (plain or with special structure)

Shell Scheme

Our Shell Scheme system is constructed with aluminum profile, specifically and exclusively designed by us, ensuring a simple yet elegant and effective presentation of your company. Improve your presence, simply by adding a different color, or ask for proposals from our creative team

Traditional Stands

Classic is always in style. ArabExpo proposes and delivers traditional wooden stands with simple but elegant and attractive design. With our excellent designing and creative team, in addition to the top quality materials we use, even the simplest design forms into an appealing result. And don’t forget, using colors can change the whole look of your exhibition.

Organizers Features

You can never get a second chance to make a first impression! We undertake the designing and construction of registration areas, VIP lounges, seminars theatre and many more so the whole image of your exhibition looks professional and elegant.
ArabExpo is always looking forward to hearing your needs and is prepared to construct a complete new design or modify an already existing structure according to your aesthetics and requirements.

Upgraded Stands

ArabExpo gives you the opportunity to be different and stand out, giving your exhibition a totally individual look.

As an organizer, you can choose the basic shell scheme for your exhibition or a more elegant solution as an alternative.

Just tell us your needs and we will deliver.